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PetroFix Design Assistant Tutorial

Video Transcription

This tutorial will walk you through using the PetroFix Design Assistant to determine the recommended product dosage for your site and provide an application design for applying PetroFix Remedial fluid on your petroleum-contaminated site. This tutorial will briefly outline what the PetroFix Design Assistant is and what we think it’s helpful for. I’ll demonstrate the steps you’ll need to through in order to one, open up a site and two, add areas to that site that you would be doing your design on. The PetroFix Design Assistant is structured in a way that provides a main dashboard where you navigate by sites.

When you start a new site, you click add new site and type in your site name. In this case, we use the gas station name but you can choose however you want to label it. Fill in the address, complete filling out the fields, then hit submit. After you create a new site, the design assistant takes you to the site you just made.

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