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BJAAM Environmental, Inc. (BJAAM) leads the Ohio Valley in providing wide-ranging solutions for impacted properties, delivering rapid regulatory closures and ensuring safe living and working environments for site occupants, neighbors, and surrounding communities. The company pioneered a streamlined corrective action approach to reduce the time required for achieving site closure, minimizing project costs for its clients. Their approach combines expertly applied Risk-Based Corrective Action (RBCA) with remedial actions and/or institutional controls designed to achieve site-specific target levels (SSTLs) for petroleum contaminants in well-defined areas of concern.

In recent years, BJAAM has utilized PetroFix® Remediation Fluid (PetroFix) to eliminate risks and obtain regulatory closures at UST sites impacted by petroleum hydrocarbons (PHCs). PetroFix aligns with BJAAM’s strategy for managing UST sites as a remedial technology, rapidly reducing and sustaining PHC contaminants below cleanup targets to expedite regulatory closures. The case studies included in this multi-site review highlight BJAAM’s effective use of PetroFix in supporting their RBCA site closure strategy.

Reducing Time and Cost-to-Closure at UST Release Sites