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InSitu Remediation Services Ltd. (IRSL), one of Canada’s largest and most experienced environmental remediation services company, uses PetroFix to mitigate sites throughout Canada impacted by petroleum hydrocarbons (PHCs), relying on the technology as an effective, low-cost, and more sustainable remedial solution. As one of the first to apply PetroFix in the field, IRSL has deployed the PetroFix technology to remediate a large number of PHC-contaminated properties, with land use ranging from gasoline stations and commercial properties to residential homes and a national park lodge. PetroFix has quickly eliminated PHC impacts in groundwater at these sites and prevented contaminant movement away from impacted properties, thus eliminating potential human exposure to PHCs and protecting pristine, ecologically sensitive surface waters.

Multi-site case study

Proven, Rapid, and Cost-Effective Petroleum Spill Treatment