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Antea Group is amongst the first environmental consulting companies to recognize and adopt PetroFix as a tool to rapidly reduce PHC impacts and achieve remedial objectives in groundwater. Applying PetroFix with economic efficiency, the company successfully advanced a portfolio of legacy UST release sites through the closure process over a short timeframe. In this effort, Antea Group sought and obtained approvals through multiple state regulatory agencies, self-completed the designs to determine dosing and injection layouts, implemented PetroFix treatments using different in situ application methods, and conducted performance monitoring to demonstrate remedial objective attainment. With many sites already closed and the remaining sites poised to achieve closure soon, the Antea Group team has proactively and responsibly managed these projects by assimilating PetroFix, the latest technological innovation to address PHC contamination, into their closure strategy.

case study

PetroFix Used to Drive UST Release Closures Across the US