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Between 1976 and 1992, a retail gas station operated at a site along the Colorado front range, near Denver. The former underground storage tank (UST) system had no cathodic protection and consequently, corrosion of the tanks occurred with a number of holes observed in the tanks upon removal. Subsequent investigations revealed a petroleum hydrocarbon plume originating from the UST pit and extending offsite across a roadway and onto another commercial property. Prior to the PetroFix® treatment, the environmental consultant, CGRS, performed numerous remediation activities between 2003 and 2019, including, excavation, air sparge system pilot testing, soil vapor extraction, in-well oxygen diffusion systems, pilot and/or full scale injections of carbonbased and chemical oxidizing mixtures. The combination of these remediation activities substantially reduced much of the soil and groundwater contaminant mass over time. However, the overall magnitude and extent of the benzene plume persisted above the site closure objectives, prompting further remediation. After evaluating a range of remedial options, CGRS specified PetroFix as the most economically feasible option to quickly remediate the benzene plume and achieve site closure. CGRS worked directly with REGENESIS to design the in-situ remediation.

Benzene reduced to achieve closure

PetroFix Reduces Benzene 99% Positioning Site to Achieve Closure