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Working with a large regional convenience store chain, Antea Group, a leading global environmental firm, was tasked to develop a cost-effective solution to address BTEX and TPH-G levels at a former gas station site. Antea Group decided to contact REGENESIS, a long-time partner and a leader in bioremediation products, to develop a remediation plan for this site.

Antea Group developed an excavation plan involving PetroFix® and ORC Advanced® pellets to address contaminant levels following the excavation and removal of contaminated soil on the site. This marks the first site where the remediation plan employs applying a mixture of both PetroFix and ORC Advanced pellets at the base of the excavation along with spray-applying PetroFix to the sides of an excavation pit.

PetroFix excavation

PetroFix and ORC Advanced Excavation