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This case study reviews a former retail fueling center in Virginia where Sovereign Consulting was hired to demolish the site and remove a 25,000 gallon underground storage tank (UST) which was also the source of the LNAPL contamination.  Working with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VADEQ) Sovereign conducted a Site Characterization Assessment and following monitoring was then retained by their client to demolish the fueling center and remove the 25,000-gallon gasoline UST and the associated fueling system which represented the source of the contamination.

Once the source of contamination (UST) and the free-product was addressed, Sovereign worked with REGENESIS to formulate and execute a groundwater remediation plan that used PetroFix. Unlike other groundwater treatment materials, PetroFix was utilized due to its dual function – it quickly removes hydrocarbons from the dissolved phase by absorbing them onto the activated micro-carbon particles and the electron acceptors promote hydrocarbon biodegradation in situ to encourage continued remediation. This combination resulted in a rapid decreases in contamination in weeks as opposed to months as determined through monitoring well groundwater sampling and the corresponding concentration curves for each chemical of concern.

NFA Status Achieved at Virginia Gas Station Site