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The remedial design combined physical, chemical and biological remediation approach was required to reduce free phase concentrations of petroleum hydrocarbon contamination to concentrations below the Swedish MKM values for industrial land use. The design also had to address the concern of recontamination of the remediated area due to hydrocarbons in inaccessible locations and ongoing use of the site. Following removal of the LNAPL by DPE, RegenOx and ORC Advanced were to be used to target the residual dissolved phase mass. The applications were designed in a grid pattern, tailored to different areas of the site. PetroFix was incorporated in the design to create both vertical and horizontal Permeable Reactive Barriers (PRBs). These would provide long-term prevention of contaminant egress or recontamination of remediated areas, through combined sorption and biological degradation.

PetroFix case study

>99% Contaminant Reduction at Largest Train Depot in Northern Europe with PetroFix