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Redevelop Your Petroleum Contaminated Property at the Lowest Possible Cost

Petroleum spills and leaking underground storage tanks can be difficult and expensive to remediate. In order to sell or redevelop a property with petroleum contamination, the treatment must work well at the lowest cost. If you are seeking out treatment for your petroleum-contaminated site, consider PetroFix. PetroFix stands out as one of the most effective, affordable products on the market. Its easy-to-use Design Assistant tool allows environmental consultants to design an individualized plan and then apply PetroFix under low-pressure. This saves you time and overhead costs, allowing for a quick turnaround to sell or redevelop your property.


Ensure a Quick and Successful Real Estate Transaction

Properties with petroleum contamination create time-consuming roadblocks when it comes to selling or redeveloping your property. Whether you own a property with petroleum contamination, or you are interested in buying a contaminated property, you need a treatment that is fast and effective.

  • The technology works to rapidly sorb petroleum hydrocarbons from the groundwater
  • No waiting on a design to be made; make your own site design with the Design Assistant
  • Effective and long lasting technology makes reapplication unnecessary

Achieve Your Site Remediation Goals with This Dual Functioning Technology

Complete your real estate transaction with a petroleum contamination treatment that works. Whether buying, selling, or redeveloping a site with petroleum contamination, PetroFix works effectively, allowing you to move forward with your property plans.

  • PetroFix works quickly and lasts over time with its combination of both quick and slow-release inorganic electron acceptors
  • Low-pressure application eliminates the need for harmful fracking
  • Individually tailored site designs created with the online Design Assistant ensure that all of the contamination gets targeted and treated

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