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PetroFix Remediates Your Site Quickly at the Lowest Total Cost to Closure

Petroleum spills and underground storage tank leaks are difficult and costly to clean up. In order to get back to business as usual, you need a reliable and cost-effective solution that will get the job done. PetroFix remediates your site quickly and at the lowest total cost to closure. Also, you can save money in the design process by using the free PetroFix Design Assistant. This tool allows your environmental consultant to individually tailor your site designs and self-apply PetroFix.


Here is Why PetroFix Will Get the Job Done Quickly

When managing a property with a petroleum spill, many remediation options are infeasible due to the length of treatment time required. Fortunately, Regenesis has developed PetroFix, a new technology designed specifically to clean up petroleum contamination, quickly and affordably.

  • The technology works to rapidly sorb petroleum hydrocarbons from the groundwater
  • No waiting on a design to be made; make your own site design with the Design Assistant
  • Effective and long lasting technology makes reapplication unnecessary

Effective and Easy-to-use Technology for Cleaning Up Petroleum Contamination

If your property has petroleum contamination, then you want the assurance that a remediation fluid will work both quickly and effectively, ensuring that the contamination does not resurface or spread. Often after applying PetroFix, the contamination levels decrease in a matter of days.

  • PetroFix works quickly and lasts over time with its combination of both quick and slow-release inorganic electron acceptors
  • Low-pressure application eliminates the need for harmful fracking
  • Individually tailored site designs created with the online Design Assistant (link) ensure that all of the contamination gets targeted and treated

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