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Gain Assurance with Long-Lasting Treatment that Works

Often after applying PetroFix, the contamination levels decrease in a matter of days. When conducting drilling operations at a petroleum contaminated site, you want the assurance that the treatment you are using works and is long-lasting. Consider PetroFix, a highly effective treatment that eliminates petroleum contamination. This technology can be injected under low-pressure injection instead of high-pressure fracking. Remediation professionals can create individually tailored site designs with the online Design Assistant, ensuring that all of the contamination gets targeted and treated. The combination of slow and quick-release inorganic electron acceptors allows PetroFix to work quickly and continue to work over time.


A Fast-Acting Technology to Remediate Petroleum Hydrocarbons

Treating petroleum contaminated sites can be a time-consuming process. In order to reach the site groundwater remediation goals, consider a quick and effective solution to petroleum spills: PetroFix. With a fast-acting technology, and a convenient Design Assistant, PetroFix is the premier solution for quickly remediating a petroleum contaminated site.

  • The technology works to rapidly sorb petroleum hydrocarbons from the groundwater
  • No waiting on a design to be made; remediation professionals make their own site designs with the Design Assistant
  • Effective and long lasting technology makes reapplication unnecessary

Achieve Site Remediation Goals without Fracking

While other petroleum treatments on the market are applied using high-pressure “fracking”, PetroFix works through low pressure injections and can even be poured directly into open excavations. This type of application tends to be more effective in targeting the contamination, and reduces the risk of future liability.

  • PetroFix works quickly and lasts over time with its combination of both quick and slow-release inorganic electron acceptors
  • Low-pressure application eliminates the need for harmful fracking
  • Individually tailored site designs created with the online Design Assistant ensure that all of the contamination gets targeted and treated

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