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The PetroFix Design Assistant: You Design.

Take control of your remediation plan with the PetroFix Design Assistant.


Create your account

Begin by creating an account with details about your site including the surface area and average vertical thickness and whether or not NAPL is present at this time

Recommended treatment

After providing the soil grain size and the groundwater contaminant levels, the Design Assistant will provide results showing the suggested treatment including the recommended volume dosing, and product required for treatment.

Order PetroFix

Once all areas for the site are submitted, start the order process directly within the Design Assistant.

To make applying PetroFix simple and easy to use, REGENESIS created an innovative and effective online tool for developing recommended dosage and designs for your site. The PetroFix Design assistant equips environmental professionals with the tools to design individually-tailored remediation plans. This self-design, self-apply tool

guides users toward effective designs that will yield the best results and allows users to easily order PetroFix through REGENESIS customer service. Educational resources and best practices are also offered along with an online video tutorial which walks users step by step through the design and ordering process.



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