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PetroFix Case Study

Video Transcription

Narrator: Patriot Engineering, a leading environmental firm based in the midwest, was chosen to develop an approach to address dissolved phase petroleum-impacted groundwater caused by leaking aboveground storage tanks and underground storage tanks.

Steven: The site is a former petroleum bulk storage facility. There was a petroleum release discovered. It migrated off-site. As a result, the site sat idle for a number of years. Patriot was contacted in 2016 after the property owner received a request for compliance from their state regulatory agency and we put in some additional wells, filled in some gaps from wells that had been destroyed, completely delineated the extent of the plume, and we’re now at the point where we’re ready to develop a remedial plan to deal with what’s left.

Narrator: Based on a long history of successful injection work with REGENESIS, Sittler contacted REGENESIS to develop an effective remedial injection plan to address the contaminant levels. In the course of these discussions, REGENESIS offered to work with Patriot to perform an on-site beta test of PetroFix remediation fluid to evaluate its possible use in lieu of more conventional ISCO-enhanced bio approaches.

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