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PetroFix is a simple-to-use fluid that can be applied under low pressure into the subsurface or simply poured into open excavations. PetroFix is intended to be a very affordable solution for moderately contaminated petroleum sites, where Environmental professionals can self-design and self-apply. PetroFix coats soil and aquifer materials, rapidly sorbing petroleum hydrocarbons from groundwater, and stimulating anaerobic hydrocarbon degradation. The product does not require high pressure “fracking” for application and can be applied with ease using readily available equipment.  


Direct Push Guidance

Typical Features, Installation Equipment, and Supplies Needed

• Secure storage area
• Qualified driller/applicator
• Water source for mixing
• Access to electricity
• Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
• PetroFix SDS
• Direct Push Rig (such as a Geoprobe®) and associated probe tooling
• Mixing tanks – size based on product quantity to be applied per injection point
• Drum mixer for homogenizing PetroFix in its 55-gallon drums [can be power drill paint stirrer (3-inch diameter or smaller propeller tip)]
• Injection tooling with fluid delivery sub-assembly (see injection tooling section)
• Injection pump rated to at least 200 psi and at least 5 gpm
• Injection hosing and pressure relief valve with a bypass (make sure all equipment is rated for expected injection pressures required)
• Hosing between mixing tank/drum and pump
• Pressure gauges to monitor injection pressure
• Flow meter for tracking injection volumes (or use visual drops in tank volumes over time)
• Pressure regulator to prevent pressure spikes (recommended, but not mandatory)
• Granular bentonite or grout to abandon completed injection boreholes. Some regulatory agencies have specific requirements for backfilling subsurface borings, so check with your local agency prior to beginning field work.
• Quick-set concrete or asphalt patch for surface closing

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