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PetroFix is a simple-to-use fluid that can be applied under low pressure into the subsurface or simply poured into open excavations. PetroFix is intended to be a very affordable solution for moderately contaminated petroleum sites, where Environmental professionals can self-design and self-apply. PetroFix coats soil and aquifer materials, rapidly sorbing petroleum hydrocarbons from groundwater, and stimulating anaerobic hydrocarbon degradation. The product does not require high pressure “fracking” for application and can be applied with ease using readily available equipment.  


Typical Installation Equipment

• Direct push rig
• Drive Rods (typically 1 ½-inch O.D.) & Injection Tooling with fluid deliver sub-assembly
• Injection Pump rated for 5 gpm @ 200 psi for sandy formations and 800 psi for silt and clay formations (Geoprobe DP-800, Yamada, Moyno, Rupe Models 9-1500 and 9-1600, Wilden, etc.)
• Injection hosing and a pressure relief valve with a bypass
• Clear hosing between mixing tank/drum and pump
• Pressure gauges
• Power drill paint stirrer (3-inch diameter or smaller propeller tip)
• Plastic bucket lid puller tool/opener tool
• 5-amp sump pump (such as Little Giant) and hose
• Three to four 55-gallon drums or similarly sized mixing tanks for RegenOx mixing
• Sand, bentonite chips, granular bentonite, cement, hydraulic cement, and quick-set concrete for closing and sealing temporary injection holes
• Wood plugs or similar for temporarily sealing injection holes prior to grout sealing
• Access to water
• Access to electricity


Required Tools and Supplies

• Lift Gate Truck
• Pallet Jack
• Secure Storage Area
• Suction or braided hose that will fit with your transfer system
• Pneumatic Pump – minimum power size needed to specify
• Air compressor – minimum power (confirm)
• Mixing tanks – size based on product ordered
• Water source for mixing
• Lightening or drum mixer
• Flow meter for tracking injection volumes
• Pressure gauge
• Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
• PetroFix SDS
• Product delivery system including pumps, hoses. Ensure all equipment is rated for expected injection pressures required
• Qualified driller/applicator

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