Jay Santucci

Client Spotlight: Jay Santucci

Jay Santucci WL BurleJay Santucci, professional Geologist and Treasurer with W. L. Burle Engineers, P.A., displayed an interest in geology and environmental remediation at a relatively young age, not realizing at the time that he was laying the groundwork for his professional vocation. He begins, “As a youth I started working summers with the W. L. Burle firm in the mid-90s. I originally worked on their land surveying crew, where I learned different aspects of professional land surveying principles and how civil engineering comingled with that field. After my first summer experience, I recall how the W. L. Burle staff had a hard time getting rid of me because I would show up every summer after (even on holidays) looking to work and learn more.” Much of his work in the summers involved assisting the drilling crew, where Santucci began to learn and understand more about geotechnical and environmental engineering, and eventually was trusted to work on environmental assessment projects. He continues, “Usually the environmental assessment projects involved the assessment of underground storage tank (UST) sites, and I recall being amazed at the contamination we would encounter during soil and groundwater sampling. I would help the senior environmental technicians during groundwater sampling and assist with groundwater remediation system operating and maintenance visits.” Suffice to say, this hands-on experience and sense of discovery would serve as a catalyst, inspiring Santucci to focus his university studies on geoscience. “I had no idea at that young age this would end up being my career focus, and that I would go on to a career in environmental remediation from this experience.”

Santucci earned his B.S. in Environmental Geoscience at Mississippi State University, and later added a Master of Science in Geology, also from Mississippi State University. Just prior to earning his Master’s degree in 2004, he returned to W. L. Burle to serve as a staff geologist where he was responsible for managing field crews and collecting field data, and had the opportunity to manage the firm’s Jackson, MS office. He received his professional Geologist license in 2009 and then became a project manager for W. L. Burle, where he managed environmental assessment projects, including Phase I ESAs, Phase II ESAs, UST assessment projects, environmental remediation projects, NEPA studies, groundwater and surface water samplings. In 2010 he made Partner, and currently serves as W. L. Burle’s Treasurer. In addition, Santucci manages the Madison (Gluckstadt), MS office, and as a Senior Professional Geologist, assists other Project Managers on numerous assessment and remedial sites. He continues, “I enjoy the diversity in my work and the flexibility to work on several different projects in different phases (i.e. research and development, planning, budgeting, assessment, remedial phases, and closing out projects). Of all the phases, two of my favorites include the remedial phases and closing out projects. Closing out projects for obvious reasons because I get to tell our client our hard work and planning was successful, and that the site has been successfully remediated. This leads me back to my other favorite phase, the remedial process. We use all types of remedial approaches, which are typically controlled by the site itself. Some call for dual-phase extraction systems (pump and treats), well evacuations or excavations, while others may call for a chemical injection approach. Each site is different, and it can be stimulating when devising a plan to reach our clients goals.”

When it comes to working with REGENESIS®, Santucci cites two key reasons why he feels they are an ideal partner. He shares, “One, the products work. Two, the REGENESIS staff helps make my life easier by jumping in and helping to develop a plan for these injection projects. By us providing them with the necessary background data they need, I can focus on other aspects of the project(s) while knowing that REGENESIS is developing a remedial plan and ‘recipe’ that will in the end, be successful.” Currently PetroFix™ and RegenOx® are used for several reasons, including their compatibility. “These two products seem to be a great compliment to one another since we typically work on remediating UST sites contaminated by petroleum impacts.” When he reflects on what makes W.L Burle unique among its competitors, Santucci feels it’s the firm’s thorough and comprehensive approach. He shares, “I feel like Burle has a very unique viewpoint when looking at assessment and remedial projects. This simply comes from the fact that we provide a turn-key approach, performing all aspects of the projects – from proposal development to the field work, including drilling, sampling, treatment system operation, maintenance, and site management-  to signing and stamping the final reports. With our approach and work scope, there is little lost in transition by not having to subcontract out any of these tasks. I feel confident that our client is getting a better experience and end result. At the end of the day, it’s extremely rewarding to tell clients their site is being awarded a ‘No Further Action’ letter from their state’s Department of Environment Quality.”

Currently residing in Madison, MS with his wife and two daughters, Santucci finds time to enjoy the state’s abundant outdoor recreation, which includes hunting and fishing. He also likes to SCUBA dive with his father. He shares, “My Dad was a SCUBA instructor for around 30+ years and we have a small houseboat on Lake Ouachita in Arkansas, where we go each summer. We love to dive together, because he is still a teenager at heart and loves diving when he can. I also enjoy working on my tree farm, which allows me to get away from anything and everything- even cell phone service!”  When asked how he has seen the industry change through the years, he quickly points to the advancements in technology. He concludes, “From a technical standpoint I say technology itself is the biggest difference. Anything from new modeling programs that help dial in contaminated smear zones in the subsurface for more effective treatments, to more specialized drill rigs that are smaller with more capabilities allowing sites to be more fully assessed. To me, this is really a tech-driven industry.”

REGENESIS is proud to have Jay Santucci, professional Geologist and Treasurer with W.L. Burle Engineers, P.A., as a valued client and partner in environmental remediation, and they appreciate his vast expertise and commitment in providing successful remediation outcomes for REGENESIS and its clients.