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When storing the PetroFix material prior to application, it is important to prevent it from freezing or from prolonged exposure to temperatures above 95°F.

In most cases, PetroFix is spray applied to the base of an excavation following soil removal. Prior to spray-applying the material, PetroFix should be diluted with water. Determine the amount of dilution based on the ability to safely spray and fully coat the base and sidewalls of the excavation. Larger excavations tend to require more dilution water (2:1 dilution or higher) for the spray “reach” into the excavation. A suggested dilution is provided on your output page, but modify as needed.

PetroFix material can reach nearby wells outside of the application area (usually a few feet away) following injection or into newly installed wells in your excavation location. Please note, PetroFix can take up to a few months to fully attach to soils. If PetroFix is observed in wells >100mg/L in concentration, it is recommended groundwater not be sampled (difficult to see through a 40 ml VOA). Each PetroFix shipment comes with one (1) colorimetric field test kit taped to the top of the tote or drum to help assess field concentrations. For more information, please review the “Groundwater Sampling Guidance Document”.