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Please follow the specific handling, injection tips, and field distribution verification steps recommended. Examples include having long, multi-port injection tips and budgeting a few hours for Day 1 field distribution observation and adjustments. Please review:

In addition to best practices addressed in the “Pre-Application” planning resources, it is recommended you review the available application instructions. Some practitioners opt for a clear water post-injection flush at the end of their injection activities.

Please note, PetroFix takes up to a few months to fully attach to soils. If PetroFix is >100 mg/L in concentration (difficult to see through a 40 ml VOA), it is recommended groundwater not be sampled. Each PetroFix shipment comes with one (1) a colorimetric field test kit taped to the top of a tote or drum to help assess field concentrations. For additional information, please review the “Groundwater Sampling Guidance Document”.