PetroFix Newsletter July 2021

PetroFix Client Spotlight: Megan Richard

As a Senior Project Manager with Antea Group, a global environment, health, safety and sustainability consulting firm, Megan Richard is tasked with an array of responsibilities that require constant collaboration, just one aspect of her work that she enjoys. She begins, “I work with a multi-disciplined team of professionals to identify cost-effective solutions to manage environmental risk. To do this, I am in charge of developing and implementing work plans, remedial investigations, and remedial action plans.” She continues, “What I like most about my job is working collaboratively with the team to solve complex problems. Individuals bring unique skillsets and important insights, and together, we can develop creative strategies.”

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Featured Case Study: Multiple Site Closures Achieved Using PetroFix 

This multi-site case study reviews eight underground storage tank (UST) sites where the leading global environmental consulting firm Antea® Group has closed the site or positioned it to be on-track for closure using PetroFix. Antea Group is amongst the first environmental consulting companies to recognize and adopt PetroFix as a tool to rapidly reduce PHC impacts and achieve remedial objectives in groundwater. Applying PetroFix with economic efficiency, the company successfully advanced a portfolio of legacy UST release sites through the closure process over a short timeframe. In this effort, Antea Group sought and obtained approvals through multiple state regulatory agencies, self-completed the designs to determine dosing and injection layouts, implemented PetroFix treatments using different in situ application methods, and conducted performance monitoring to demonstrate remedial objective attainment.

Featured Webinar: Recording Now Available

In this webinar we were pleased to have a special presentation by Jack Sheldon, Senior Remediation Specialist at Antea Group. His presentation discussed validating the role of PetroFix® technology for the remediation practitioner’s toolbox. He was joined by Todd Herrington, Global PetroFix Product Manager at REGENESIS.

This webinar will highlight the important role of the nitrate/sulfate electron acceptor package plays in the performance of the PetroFix technology. Four case studies will also be presented that look at application techniques, site chemistry changes, microbial profiles, and lessons learned.

Featured Video: A Practical Approach to Using PetroFix for Remediating Petroleum Plumes 

In this video, Todd Herrington, Global PetroFix Product Manager for REGENESIS, presents his poster on “Performance of a Micron-Scale Carbon Remedial Fluid with Soluble Electron Acceptors for Remediating Petroleum Plumes.” PetroFix® is a water-based suspension of micron-scale (1-2μm) activated carbon biostimulating electron acceptors that is injected in situ under low pressure to sorb and then biodegrade high levels of petroleum hydrocarbons in groundwater. Engineered to provide immediate and long-lasting results for a variety of sites such as retail gas stations and industrial spills, PetroFix is a cost-effective in situ treatment for petroleum hydrocarbon contamination. PetroFix is made from natural non-hazardous activated carbon and soluble electron acceptor salts. It is therefore simple and safe to use.

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