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In Situ Injection Using Micron-Scale Colloidal Carbon for Treating Petroleum Hydrocarbons

  • Affordable and Reliable
  • Applied Under Low Pressure
  • Tailored Site Design
  • Simple Online Design Assistant

PetroFix: The Technology at a Glance

PetroFix® is a cost-effective, dual-functioning activated carbon solution designed to remediate petroleum spills and provide immediate results for gas station and UST sites. This safe and effective technology works with the PetroFix Design Assistant™, an online design tool that enables users to individually tailor their site designs and self-apply PetroFix.

PetroFix has a dual function: it removes hydrocarbons from the dissolved phase by adsorbing them on to activated carbon particles and then stimulates hydrocarbon biodegradation by adding electron acceptors. PetroFix is a highly concentrated water-based suspension consisting of micron-scale activated

carbon and biostimulating electron acceptors. The environmentally-compatible formulation of micron-scale activated carbon (1-2 microns) is combined with both slow and quick-release inorganic electron acceptors. Practitioners can select between a sulfate and nitrate combination blend (recommended) or sulfate only for the additional electron acceptors required.

PetroFix Case Study
PetroFix ‘Mini-Brochure’

PetroFix Pilot Study Leads to Successful Full-Scale Application

PetroFix case study

This case study reviews a former bulk petroleum storage facility where a groundbreaking application of PetroFix® Remediation Fluid, a micro-scale carbon suspension with soluble electron acceptors, is successfully treating petroleum hydrocarbons to Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) standards.

Non-Detect Achieved at Florida Spill Site

Panama City

This case study reviews a multi-use convenience store site in Panama City Beach, Florida impacted by contamination from a leaking underground storage tank (UST), where PetroFix® Remediation Fluid, a micro-scale carbon suspension with soluble electron acceptors, was applied to reach target goals within 60 days.

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